Look around. Just look around. Regardless of where you live you will see people in a sorry state of health: they are overweight if not outright obese. There are all kinds of metabolic disorders such as diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, as well as varied digestive disorders, food sensitivities, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue and much, much more. Just ask these people and they will describe their medical complaints and concerns. Maybe...maybe I just described you.

A lot of these ailments are new to the modern world, and the incidence and numbers of people suffering poor health is unprecedented and a true public health disaster. It is not a conspiracy  by a collective cabal from the government, Big Pharma, or Big Agriculture. Do you want to understand it? Simply follow the money. There is huge profits in cheap filler carbohydrates, seed (vegetable) oils, and processed foods in general. Wherever these highly processed foods become popular, poor health follows. American food chemists and corporate profiteering is to a large part to blame, but scientists and physicians are the unknowing co-conspirators.

Ultimately, we will see that so much of what you have been told of what is healthy, may very well be killing you, or making you fatter. YOU have to take control of your health. NO ONE is looking out after you - not your trusted but overworked doctors, not the dietitians, and not the American Heart Association.. It is YOUR responsibility, but you need to know how. My passion here is to help to re-think and question everything you think you know about diet and health.  I wish you good health and the happiness that naturally follows. -Dr. Johnson

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